Our Approach

What is GenuSign?

GenuSign is a web-based e-signature application that takes E-signatures into the future. Traditional e-signature applications focus on placing a graphic signing image (the e-signature) into a digital document. GenuSign, uses the FactChain Trust Engine™ to add true “trust” to e-signature document transactions.

GenuSign provides the following unique features:

Tamper Proof
Tamper Proof Digital Signatures


GenuSign uses FactChain Pen to provide digital signatures and cryptographic hashes to ensure that documents have not been forged or altered in any way. Using public/private key-pairs allows users to securely sign documents via the GenuSign mobile application, which can then be validated by anyone with the public key. The hash provides a “digital fingerprint” of the document to prove its authenticity.


Strong Authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


GenuSign provides an extra layer of security to protect logins using multiple factors for authentication (MFA). First, a user enters their username and a password. Then, instead of immediately gaining access, they receive a “push” notification on the GenuSign mobile app providing an additional layer of authentication. So a potential compromise of just one factor won’t unlock your account, even if your password is lost or stolen.


Public Trust
Public Proof


GenuSign writes a summary of the transaction date, time, and digital signature (document fingerprint hash) to the Ethereum blockchain providing public tamper proof evidence. This allows 3rd parties to independently validate the authenticity of a document. The blockchain is a resilient, permanent proof of the transaction, and the GenuSign digital signature ensures the information on the blockchain is valid.


Trusted Identity


GenuSign’s premium E-notary feature provides strong identity verification, via a one-time manual set-up. Users provide government issued identification and answers several questions to validate their identity. This validated identity is then tied to their GenuSign digital identity and is used when they digitally sign a document. Their identity is protected by GenuSign’s trusted authentication (MFA). It’s like having all your documents notarized automatically.


Trust Guarantee
$1M Guarantee*


GenuSign’s premium protection insurance provides a $1 Million guarantee for every document signed by GenuSign. This premium feature protects against loss related to fraudulent signatures or post-signing alterations to content within the documents.



* e-Notary & $1M Guarantee are premium features not available in our initial release.

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